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The Magic Pot:  Once upon a time there lived a farmer in a village. He uses to go to his farm daily and do his farming activities One day he was digging the farm to prepare it for sowing the seeds for the coming monsoon All of a sudden he found a big Pot on the farm. He took the pot out and he wondered what that pot will be useful for So he just kept that pot aside and started his usual activities again During lunchtime, he just kept his spade in that pot while he was eating When the farmer finished his lunch He saw to his surprise that his spade was multiplied to 100 spades in that pot. He was really really surprised He thought to himself Oh! I did not bring 100 spades I just brought only 1 spade How come 1 spade become 100 spades I don't understand Than he thought this must be something to do with the pot So he took away those 100 spades and took up a stone from nearby and put that stone in that pot and then when he looked inside the pot instead of that single stone there were 10