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The Banana Thief | Good story for kids

King Shamsher & Witty Harry: The Real “ Banana”  Thief King Shamsher and his team of ministers mainly Pasha and Clever Harry was enjoying a game of chess. Just then, a distressed Minku Monkeyentered the Jungle Wood palace.  “ahhaaa..

The Banana Thief

What brings you to King Shamsher’s palace on Sunday Morning, Minku Monkey”, commanded Pasha.  Clever Harry noticed how nervous Minku Monkey was and questioned “Is everything okay, Minku Monkey?”. 

“King Shamsher, as you know I store bananas for winters at my home in a safe dungeon. But when I got up today in the morning, I noticed that all my bananas have disappeared! Please help me, King Shamsher, Please bring me justice orI'll die hungry this winter! ”, shivered Minku Monkey  “Don’t Worry Minku Monkey. 

We will do all we can. Pasha and Harry are here at your service”, assured King Shamsher. “Can you tell us if you were out last night or did anybody visit you in the morning”, enquired Clever Harry “I had a party and there were some 6 to 7friends who visited my home last night. But they all say that they haven’t taken the bananas.“, said Minku Monkey.  

“Okay, why don’t you bring your friends here and we will catch the real thief!” said Harry That evening, Minku Monkey came with all his friends to the Junglewood Palace. They all created noise and try to defend themselves. King Shamsher signaled them to calm down.  “Harry, now that Minku Monkey’s friends have gathered here. 

How will you catch the real thief”, asked King Shamsher “Well the real thief is certainly here my King”, said Harry “Oh really…which one is the real thief?”, mocked Pasha.  “That we will know by tomorrow morning. 

You see I have seen the magical carrots and they have assured me that they know the real thief. All we have to do is hand over these carrots to all Minku Monkey’s guests. Tomorrow morning, the magical carrot with the real thief will grow half an inch in size and that is how we will know who is the real thief”, said Harry Minku Monkey smiled and handed over the carrots to each of his guests and they all decided to meet the next day. 

The next day, all the guests with MinkuMonkey gathered at the Junglewood Palace. Clever Harry checked all the carrots. They were the same in size except for one carrot which was eater half.  Clever Harry pounced at the Monkey “Hah! There is your real thief Minku Monkey. Catch hold of him. “ King Shamsher looked confused“How do you know that he is the real thief Harry” “King Shamsher, there is no magical carrot. 

I only made up that story to catch the real thief. The real thief was so scared that his carrot will grow by an inch that he took a bite in an attempt to make it even. However, what he did not realize is that only a foolish thief would believe a carrot can grow overnight”.  The foolish thief looked down in shame. Minku Monkey was ever grateful to get all his bananas back. King Shamsher was impressed with Clever Harry’s clever trick!  

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