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Twinkle Learns to be a Real Winner | Twinkle & Ricky

Always be a Good Sport: One-day Twinkle and Ricky decided to have a running competition in the garden.  The fastest runner amongst the two would get an extra share of cookies! 

The Story of Twinkle  & Ricky  

Ricky was as swift as a rabbit and took quick steps. Twinkle ran fast as well but lost her balance at a turn and fell down. Ricky passed her swiftly, screaming “Come to onTwinkle! Catch up!” Ricky giggled. Twinkle stood up again, stretched her leg a few times, and started running again. Ricky won the running competition.

Ricky jumped with joy “Yay! I Won! “. Twinkle felt sad, demotivated but then quickly cheered up and congratulated her brother “Congratulations Ricky” The next day Twinkle and Ricky decided to have another competition. This time, they decided to play a game of table tennis. Ricky and Twinkle were both swift and quick. 

The game was getting intense. Irritated, Ricky threw a really fast and hard shot. The ball hit Twinkle on her head and she fell down. However, Ricky only registered that he scored a point and did not notice Poor Twinkle fallen on the ground with a sore eye.

Always be a Good Sport

“Yay! I won again!” Screamed Ricky with joy. Twinkle still muttered “Congratulations Ricky”. “Hmmm…looks like you hit your head.You’ll be Fine,” said an ignorant Ricky. Twinkle’s mother rushed to Twinkle and enquired about the bump on her head. 

Ricky jumped with joy and interrupted his mother.“Yippy! Mom, I won the Tennis Game!” “Ricky, Did you unknowingly hurt Twinkle ?” asked Mommy “I did not Mommy. I was just playing.The ball hit Twinkle ”, said Ricky. “Still, You must apologize Ricky. You must show concern”, said Ricky’s Mother. “But I did not do anything. 

It was the ball’s fault!” said Ricky arrogantly. “It was not his fault Mummy”, affirmed Twinkle. However, Mommy noticed that Ricky was not empathizing with Twinkle, his little baby sister. He was too happy to win a game. The Next day, the mother arranged for the kids to play a game of football.  She knew that Twinkle was an ace football player. 

The mother joined them for a game as well. While playing, the mother purposely threw the ball towards Ricky.  Ricky missed the catch and Twinkle scored a point. They jumped with joy. Ricky frowned and complained “Mommy, I fell down, so it was easy for Twinkle  to score a goal!” “Well, you did not fall down because of Twinkle! You fell down because of the ball. 

So she still gets a point! “, said Mommy “But I am hurt! Twinkle cannot get a point! ”cried Ricky. Twinkle  instantly took the ball and comforted him.“I am sorry.  Are you in pain Ricky... Come on, let's get you a band-aid”, said Twinkle. 

Ricky was now truly ashamed and realized how selfish he had been. While he was winning a game, he never cared for his sister. But it is only when he was losing, he realized how unfair he had been to his sister. “Twinkle  I am sorry for being arrogant.I am sorry Mommy, I will be careful to not celebrate a victory without empathizing with my opponents”. “Yes, Ricky. Remember, a real Winner always looks out for others!” Mommy smiled and replied. 

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