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The Story of Rinku's Cartoon Addiction

One chilly winter evening, Rinku, Ricky, and the parents decided to stay home and snuggle near the warm bonfire. While Mommy was reading a book. Ricky and Papa were building a house of cards. And Little Rinku munched on some pop-corns while watching her favorite cartoon.


When Rinku watched the cartoon, she was too absorbed to even hear her Mommy. “Come on Rinku, it‘s time for dinner" called out Rinku’s Mom. Rinku was rapt in her world of cartoons and did not pay heed to her mother's incessant calling. haha ha.... so funny Rinku chuckled and laughed. Mommy walked over to Rinku, grabbed her tablet, and switched it off. 

Rinku, enough of watching TV, come on, let's have dinner. ordered her Mommy. Rinku, who was clearly enjoying her show, frowned and followed Mommy. Rinku and her family gathered at the dinner table. However, Rinku was still upset and pretended to not eat her dinner! What’s the matter Rinku? Why are you not eating? enquired Papa Papa, I want to watch my TV show. Why can't eat and watch my show at the same time?" asked Rinku. 

Because dinner time is family time. You can always watch your show later. said Rinku's father. But I want to eat and watch my favorite show. Just like we munch popcorns and watch movies! Complained Rinku, stomping her feet. Papa looked over at Mommy and smiled. 

He then grabbed her plate and placed it in her room. Here is your tablet Rinku. There, we have placed your food in your room. You can watch your show while eating there" said Papa. Rinku jumped with joy and grabbed the tablet. She rushed to her room where her father had placed her bowl of food, neatly on her study table. Rinku chuckled and munched on food. She was having too much fun to notice what she had done! 

The next day, Rinku’s food was neatly placed on her study table with her tablet again. Rinku could hardly believe her luck. She munched on her creamy pasta and continued watching her favorite TV show. This went on for a few days and son Rinku was always eating alone in her room watching her favorite show. But then …Rinku started to miss her family time. 

She missed having a conversation with her family. When Rinku was free, Ricky was busy doing homework. Her parents were busy doing home chores too. One day, she heard Ricky and her parent's chuckle and laugh and enjoy some noodles at the dinner table. Rinku shut her favorite TV show and peeped out of her room. Everyone seemed to be enjoying the dinner table. Rinku felt left out and rushed to join her family at the dinner table. “Mommy, Daddy, can I sit here at the dinner table?"Asked Rinku. 

But what about your favorite show?" teased her father " I can always watch it later", said Rinku, coyly. She went up to her mother, hugged her. "I am sorry mommy, I did not listen to you before"apologized Rinku. "It is okay Rinku. It is not bad to watch your favorite TV show. But dinner time is the only time, the family comes together. So we must eat together” Explained Mommy. And that is how Rinku learned to value her dinnertime with her family. 

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