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The Story of Interesting Monkey | Story For Kids

Jai Jitendra kids! Today, I'll ask you a question Tell me, is it possible that a monkey can become God?? 

It doesn't look like!! But, actually, it is possible!! Today, I'll you the story of a monkey who used to live in a forest. Mr. Monkey used to eat a lot of fruits and flowers. He used to play around jumping from one tree to another. He used to scare away the people by making "Huu Haa Huu Haa" sounds. 

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In that jungle, some monks/saints (muniraj's) used to also come and meditate under the trees. Upon seeing the saints, the monkey used to be very happy. And, over there, he used to sit calmly without doing any mischief. Once, a king named Vajrajangha and Queen named Shreemati came to the jungle. That King had two sons, who renounced the whole world to become Saints. 

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These saints came to the same forest, then King and Queen respectfully offered the "Aahar" (religious way for serving food) to the saints. The monkey, sitting on the tree, was observing the whole process that King and Queen are offering food with so much devotion and affection. He also thought, wouldn't it be nice, if I were also a human even I could have given Aahaar like this King. But alas, I am an animal... I am not so fortunate to be able to Offer Aahaar to the Munirajs. 

After the Ahaar-Daan, muniraj gave the preaching. King and Queen were listening to their Preaching(updesh). And monkey was also praying with both hands folded and listening to the preaching. The King was surprised to see all this. And he asked the muniraj, "O Muniraj! who is this monkey?" Muniraj told the King that this monkey in his previous incarnation, was a trader named "Naagdutt". He did a lot of frauds, Cheating, and Bad thoughts of cheating. Due to these thoughts, in next incarnation, he became a Monkey. 

Do you know, the one who does cheating, Mayachaari, frauds gets to become animal in the next incarnation. Muniraj told the King, the way, we were your sons, in this incarnation. Similarly, this monkey's soul will be your son, in a future incarnation. When you will be the Teerthankar Rishabhnath, this monkey's soul will be your supreme follower(Gandhara) and attain salvation himself. Upon, hearing this from the saints, the monkey became really Happy. He bowed down to the saints, paid obeisance, and started dancing in joy. 

There was no limit to the happiness of that Monkey. His happiness had no bounds. He started having good sentiments and good thoughts, which led him to become a Human. He was born in the Bhog Bhoomi (A different realm where King and Queen's souls were also present). Do you know what is a Bhog Bhoomi?? Actually, there are two types of lands(Realms) - 1) Karm(work) Bhoomi means earth, the land where we all live. we all work, study, earn money. That's why it is called Karm Bhoomi. the second one is Bhog Bhoomi It is a special realm, where no one needs to work no one needs to earn. 

They have special trees called Kalp-vriksh (wishing tree). We get clothes, food, etc everything from those trees. So, kids, did you see, with good thoughts(sentiments) how the monkey became a human? Once, they all were sitting together and having a religious discussion Just then, 2 munirajs came to form the Sky-route and delivered religious preaching in many ways. Upon listening to their preaching, these souls gained - Samyak Darshan (the right faith). Then, upon completing their age these souls, were reborn in the heaven or swarga. After 4 more rebirths. The King's soul became Teerthankar, Rishabhdev. and the monkey's soul became his son. And his name was Gunsen. He renounced (left) the worldly pleasures, to be ordained by muniraj Rishabhnath, and he became his prime disciple - a Gandhar. 

Do you know who is a "Gandhar"? Gandhar is the special Muni-maharaj (saint) They have 63 Riddhis (special powers) They never take any food (Aahar) Upon listening to Bhagvan's updesh(preaching), they compile it into 12 divisions(dwadashang Vani). They make 12 parts of the jinvani. They attain Salvation from the same birth. So, even Gunsen, achieved ultimate knowledge (keval gyan) with meditation and then attained Salvation(nirvan or Moksh) Did you see kids, when this monkey was a human, he used to practice so much cheating, fraud, and mayachaari. because of which, in his next birth, he got to become a monkey? But, upon becoming a Monkey, His devotion and listening to the preachings from the muniraj, he developed good thoughts. And became a human again. Went to heaven again. 

And then finally, he became a son to the Lord Teerthankar. And did meditation to attain salvation (Moksh). You guys also promise that You will never do cheating. Always have good Feelings or thoughts. And Eventually, attain Moksha. Want to attain Moksh... Right?? Jai Jinendra!! 

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