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The Story of Big Bro | Moral Stories for Kids | Bedtime story

Big Bro Has a Problem: It was springtime and the sweet fragrance of wild roses and white lilies was everywhere. It was the season of plenty and animals throughout the forest of Toonban scurried collecting the choicest of fruits, berries, and delicious roots stocking up their larders for the rest of the year. 

Bedtime story

There was so much food that the animals decided to have a great big fruit festival. Aunty Pig offered to bake Banana bread; Husna Hippo and Big Bro arranged for a grape-crushing game room at the jungle play yard. Big Bro was also very excited because he was expecting the arrival of his distant cousin Bhompu. “I will be seeing Bhompu after so many years.”“Were you two very good friends?” asked Husna. “Er…not quite, but that was when we were just calves.

Now that we are all grown up, I bet things will be very different.” Husna smiled hoping the same becauseBig Bro was one of her best friends and she always wished good for him. By afternoon, all was done and the animals decided to take a quick lunch break. 

Moral Stories for Kids

Big Bro headed to the banana grove near his home but just as he was nearing it he heard loud CHOMP!CHOMP! sounds. Big Bro, thinking that a thief was looting his precious bananas, tip-toed carefully, a stick in his trunk ready to give the thief stinging surprise. “BWAAAH,” said Big Bro as he jumped out stick ready to swing but stopped short as he saw a big, burly brown elephant lazily munching at the bananas, not in the least bit shocked. “Cousin Bhompu?!”Big Bro dropped the stick, a bit embarrassed. 

“Yes, Big Bro…though I must say you are not quite as big as I am. Haw! Haw! Haw” guffawed Bhompu as he thrust his chest out importantly. Big Bro sighed. Bhompu had always bullied him when they were young but Big Bro had hoped he would stop now. Obviously not! Forcing a smile, Big Bro said, “Cousin, a fruit festival has been organized at the jungle gym today. I am sure you will enjoy it.”“Yaaaawn..sounds pretty boring,” said Bhompu rolling his eyes, “but I guess there nothing else to do in this forest of yours anyway.” 

Big Bro slumped, wondering why his cousin Bhompu was so difficult to please. Soon Bhompu and Big Bro arrived at the fruit Festival which was now under full swing. Animals big and small, furry and slimy had hopped, slithered, trotted, or flown down to taste the delicious fruits and play the many games set out. Big Bro tried to introduce his friends to Bhompubut Bhompu rudely brushed them off laughing, “You have such puny friends, Big Bro! Maybe that's why you are getting shorter each day!” And with that Bhompu swayed off to one of the stalls. 

Husna hippo, Minky mouse, and Harry hardware pretty upset at Bhompu’s words but were pacified by Big Bro’s earnest apology, “I am so sorry, friends. Bhompu doesn’t make friends easily.” “With these kinds of manners, he never will,” muttered Harry hare. Suddenly a yell attracted their attention. It was Pascha snake, “Help! The grape crushing tub!!” Big Bro and friends rushed over to see the big tub toppled over spilling thick sweet juice onto the grass. “Oh no! All my hard work…” wailed Husna Hippo, tears in her eyes. 

“I tried to stop him, but that huge elephant just kicked the tub over,” said Pasha pointing to Bhompu, who was coolly sucking sugarcane. Ashamed, Big Bro was about to apologize when another shout startled them. “NOOOO….stop that!” Big Bro turned with dread rising in him and sure enough, his cousin Bhompu had caused trouble again-and this time it was serious! “Oh No! He has smashed Toto Cuckoo’s nest!” shrieked Minky in shock. Morris monkey swung up the branches quickly and caught Toto’s little babies before they fell from the wrecked nest. Toto was close to tears as she tried to mends the nest in vain. “Oh what do I do…my poor babies…my home…” Toto wept miserably and all the animals felt very, very sorry for her- that is all except for one. 

Bhompu just shrugged not the least bit ashamed at what he had done and instead said, “Well, I just shifted the branch a bit so that I may get some shade. How would I know that the foolish bird would build her nest in such a place?” “Toto is not foolish,” snapped an angry Husna, “it is you who was careless not to have seen the nest.” All the other animals nodded agreeing. Turning to Big Bro, Shamshercouldn’t help but say, “ I am sorry Big Bro, but you and your cousin have to leave the festival right now.” 

Big Bro sighed and nodded but Bhompuwouldn’t budge. “Why should I go?! These animals have no manners and you call them your friends?! How dare they treat me like this?! If I want I can squash all of them with just one foot, do you know?” raved Bhompu and it was after a lot of coaxing and cajoling that Big Bro finally managed to get him home. The next day Big Bro met with Toto Cuckoo, Husna Hippo, Harry Hare, Pasha Snake, Shamsher, and the others. “I am very sorry for the trouble Bhompu caused yesterday. Please forgive him, dear friends.” Seeing how bad Big Bro felt, they all smiled and nodded but once he had left Shamsher said, “I am sure Big Bro feels sorry but Bhompu doesn’t.” 

Agreeing, Harry said,“Yes, he is too proud and unkind. He has to be given a taste of his own medicine. It is only then that the naughty elephant will learn to respect and care for others.” Minky snapped her fingers, “I have an idea!”They all leaned in close as Minky whispered her plan. The next day as Bhompu greedily munched on bananas, Minky, Harry, and Morris quietly tip-toed behind a bush near him and started talking loudly to each other. “I am sure we will have great fun at our tea party today,” said Minky. “Shh! Minky, don’t speak so loud else that Bhompu will hear you,” scolded Harry. Bhompu on hearing his name immediately perked his ears in curiosity. 

“Oh yes yes. I am sorry,” said Minky quickly.“Come on, let's go to Husna’s house. The party would have started,” said Morris and the three animals left the place. Bhompu frowned angrily.“So they don’t want me to come to the party. I will show those puny pipsqueaks!” So saying Bhompu stomped towardsHusna’s house little knowing that Minky, Harry and the other animals wanted him to do just that! At Husna’s house, Pasha peeked out and saw Bhompu approaching. 

“He’s coming! He’s coming!” warned he and everyone rushed to hide. Bhompu barged into Husna’s garden and spotted a huge yummy-looking cake. “Ah..they did not want to share the cake with me, eh?! Then I too will smash it so that no one gets to eat it!” So saying Bhompu headed at the cake, his trunk raised.“No wait!” yelled Harry blocking him,“you will trample Granny Ant’s home.” And indeed there was an anthill right next to where the huge cake sat. 

“Pacha! As if care!!” said Bhompu and rudely shoving Harry aside rushed at the cake, his huge foot crashing down on the anthill. “He doesn’t care at all for others,” muttered Husna as she saw Bhompu swipe his trunk at the cake. But Minky was smiling, “ Don’t worry. He is going to learn his lesson any minute now. Watch!” And then Husna saw a large number of red ants climb angrily out of the crushed anthill and head for Bhompu. They started crawling up his legs and onto his body. 

Irritated, Bhompu tried to shake them off,“Ugh! Get off me.. you pesky insects otherwise I will squash you!” said he as he stamped about. But however much he shook, stamped and swung his trunk, the red ants wouldn’t fall off and once they were all over his body, they started biting him. “Ow! AA! Yeiii! Stop it!” Bhompu wailed and writhed as his body swelled with sore lumps. “You are a very mean and unkind bully. Why should we show you mercy?” asked Granny Ant. “I am sorry…really sorry. 

I will never bully or be mean to anyone.  Please stop biting me,” said Bhompu, tears of shame rolling from his eyes. That evening Big Bro was surprised to find a very meek and quiet Bhompu helping rebuild Toto cuckoo’s home. He was also helping Husna to bottle her grape juice and Aunty pig with filling her pies. “Bhompu is so nice now. He doesn’t bully even me! What magic made him change so suddenly?” exclaimed he in wonder.“Minky’s plan bright and Granny Ant’s bite!” replied Harry and everyone laughed, happy that all was well in Toonban again. 

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