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The King of Jungle | Moral Story For Kids

Ask anything from me...I know everything... OK... Who is the king of Nepal? don't know then who is the king of South Africa? don't know then who's the king of London? don't know. ok then tell who is the Jungle King? Yes, I know this... not only this I even how he became the Jungle's king You wanna know?? 

Moral Story For Kids

How he became the Jungle King once upon a time our Prince come a baby boy is born at our King's Place what would be his name? SIMBA The King of Kings SIMBA Papa when I would be able to run like you? there's a perfect time to learn anything and definitely that time will come when you'll get the chance you too will run as long as our SIMBA learn how to run don't know till our house remain or not cutting of trees already occurs why not...dodon't be so over smart our Simba is a kid let him enjoy his childhood come and sit on my shoulder's... 

I will take you to the waterfall ride First you take care of your neck Don't know where it's going? Don't leave our Simba behind the bushes Dear Ant I'll manage But you eat too much sweets but still not put on weight Stop Fighting...Mom Dad has looked after this jungle so carefully I'll also become like them And we all will live together Tears roll down from mother's eyes And she find the shadow of papa Simba on her son I'm Proud of you my son Dear Sis... I'm getting suffocated How much strength do you have? 

But I have....Even I can't breathe properly Can you all see smoke coming out from there All of you move back and don't come forward I'll Handle everything Your Highness how will you manage alone? Yes you don't go alone near fire Until I am I won't let you anything happen And King Simba Jumped into fire Da'ad..... Simba lost his father infront of his eyes. 

It seems as if all have lost their lives with the King Simba, His Mother and all the animals ran and found that the entire jungle was caught into the fire All were broken down King Is also no more now Then Simba's mother took a decision We all have to leave the jungle Mom where would we go if we leave the Jungle? Your Highness, It's wrong...We cannot leave the Jungle King would never had happened as such Even I disagree...Brother, you only explain the Queen Everyone opposed her decision Here nothing is left for us to eat Humans were already cutting down trees But after this incident, we are brought up to the street We have to leave Jungle and move towards the city Queen is correct... 

If we stay here more will die due to hunger Everyone shifted to the city on her saying Spark of the city was good But there were no fresh fruits to eat, fresh air to breathe in, and we're nowhere greenery Were only huge buildings, Garbage, and pollution Here the building is taller than giraffe brother and who walked over me will not ever come to know I have become thin because of starving Even I didn't get anything to eat other than garbage and even queen has lost her health You are don't worry...will take time to settle But will settle slowly- slowly Hi Friends' Are to you new to the city? 

My name is Robin There is a bit scarcity of food I eat people's leftover You too eat as such... Slowly you will get used to it Then came the Circus organizer and they take all with them All animals bother as Simba was small so remain down there you all move backside I am trying to break this cage worry not. I'll save you all Simba tried of his best but couldn't be able to break the cage He runs and chase that vehicle Queen sees the Simba and remembers that day when she told him.. " you will run and even jump too" where we are?? which place is this? 

We're now totally gone Simba definitely will do something till you all have patience Simba reached to Circus and he sees his sick Mom and all his friends were doing adventures in the circus he remained sad seeing all this I can't leave my friends here I've to do something I want a favor from you all what kind of help? so you're Simba heard a lot about your father and Simba tells everybody about his plan and everyone gets back to their work Simba makes Lights off and Owl goes to the Queen and tells Simba is back to make you all free from here I know my son will come to save us all mice bite the cage with her teeth and the snack with a key in his mouth trying to unlock the cage and at last, Simba makes everyone free Our Simba is our King.

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