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Rinkal Makes Ice Cream | Moral Stories for Kids | Short story

Rinkal Makes Ice Cream It’s a holiday but Rinkal doesn’t look happy. She pouts staring out the window, saying,“It is too hot to play.” 

Rinkal’s mother sees Rinkal looking bored and asks,“Would you like to help me out in the kitchen, dear?” “Oh no, Mother, it would be even hotterin there”, wails Rinkal. 

                                                                “Well, how about we make some ice-cream,”says Rinkal’s mother. “Hurray! I love ice-cream!” Rinkal runs after her mother into the kitchen. Rinkal’s mother takes out some strawberrycrush and Rinkal gets the milk jug and cream. “Please let me mix it all, Mother,”asks Rinkal and her mother agrees. Climbing onto a stool, Rinkal stands readywith a spoon as her mother puts everything in a bowl. 

“Be careful, Rinkal,” says her mother. Rinkal swirls the mix in the bowl,but just can’t stop from leaning in to sniff the yummy smell of strawberries and cream...but WHOOOPS! She leans too far and lands in the bowl.PLOP flies the mix staining the whole kitchen pink! Rinkal’s mother frowns at the mess,but then giggles a little and then starts to laugh. “Well, the kitchen is cuter in pink,” says she.  “And cooler too,” says Ricky who walks in all hotfrom playing outside. 

“So, am I in trouble?” asks Rinkal. “Not today, but next time let’s put the ice-creamon a cone, and not the kitchen, “ says Rinkal’s mother. Giggling, Rinkal nods and runs to get a rag to help her mother clean up. And how does she finally cool off-with a glass of icy lemonade! 

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