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Honesty Is The Best Policy | Best Moral Stories for Kids

It was a bright and breezy Wednesday afternoon. Dora and Vicky were busy completing their daily homework. but oooo how Vicky wished to go out and just play all day long! He would go swishing down the slide and roll in the lush green lawns... Vicky could not wait to finish his homework and step out for some fresh air. But then, he looked at his book and realized he still had two whole pages to write. 

The Story of Dora and Vicky

The pages seemed longer than his big ears. Dora stared at Vicky, who was already daydreaming. She nudged him pointing towards his book and told him to be quick! However, Vicky was too lazy to finish his homework. 

Just then, he had an idea! He decided to simply hide his book and go out and play. He would finish his homework later in the night! Mom, can I go out and play? Have you completed your homework? asked Vicky's mother. "Yes Mommy", Vicky lied, feeling a nervous twitch in his stomach. Vicky's mother instantly knew that Vicky was not being honest, She smiled at Vicky and opened the door. "Okay Vicky, if you are done with your homework, you can go and play" Vicky pursed his lips, nervously. 

But then, he could see the playground, he smiled and rushed to play! Vicky went higher and higher on the swings and rolled on the green grass. Soon, it was dinner time and Vicky was hungry. His eyes went wide at the sight of the crunchy burgers that his mother had prepared. He munched a few burgers and slurped on the thick, creamy strawberry milkshake. Soon, it was night time and everyone was off to sleep. 

Vicky decided to finish his homework at night but he was too tired. He kept burping and dozing off. He struggled to finish his homework. "ooo how I wish I had completed my homework in the day! And I lied to mother as well. I am so tired, how will I finish my homework now!", wondered Vicky. Just then, Vicky's mother entered the room. She sat next to Vicky, passing him a glass of warm milk. "What's the matter, Vicky? 

Why aren't you sleeping?", his mother enquired. Tears welled up in Vicky's eyes and he burst out crying "Mommy, I lied to you.I did not finish my homework. Now, the teacher will surely punish me tomorrow", whined Vicky. "hmmm, not if you complete your homework!come on,  let me help me you this time but remember to never lie and always finish your homework on time". Vicky smiled and hugged his mother.  As Vicky started writing, his mother sat right next to him, helping him through the night. "Mommy, I promise to always be honest with you" "Yes, Vicky. Remember, Honesty is truly the best policy" 

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