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Golu & Lalu vs Rain | Moral Stories for Kids

It was the rainy season and the sky was overcast with dark thunderclouds. As a strong wind rocked the trees about his home, Golu looked out his window and thought, “Wow! It seems as if the rain’s coming down really hard. 

Moral Stories for Children

What great luck that Mom and Dad are not home. What fun it will be to get wet and splash about in the rain as much as I want!” He rushed out just as fat drops of rain started to splash about and knocked at his friend Lalu’s home. 

But Lalu did not want to join Golu for he didn’t knowhow to swim and was scared that he would drown. “You know what, Golu,” said a nervous Lalu, “you too shouldn’t be outside in this kind of heavy rain. It could be dangerous”. “Pah! You are such a coward!!,” teased Golu, “ Fine, stay hidden in your house... 

As for me, I am going to have some great fun.” Lalu hated being called a coward and wanting to show Golu that he was just as brave, Lalu sneaked out his house while his mother was not looking and both the little ants ran as fast as they could from the anthill towards the open ground beyond. 

Thunder rolled loud and lightning lit up the gloomy sky bright as the rain started pouring down hard.“Wooohooo!” shouted the delighted Lalu and Golu as they danced and splashed in the fresh puddles formed. In all their fun and frolic they did not notice for a while that the pitter-patter of rain had grown to a heavy downpour, but when some of the really heavy drops hit Lalu hard on his back and head, he realized it. 

Worried he told Golu, “ I played enough… let's go back to the anthill” but Golu ignored him and splashed and squelched on and on about in the wet mud. The air being chilly, soon hail, the size of large ice cubes started to fall. The hail pelted Golu hard and he got a big nasty painful bump on his head. Lalu dodging and hopping This way and that trying not to get hit by the hail was now annoyed with Golu, “See, hadn’t I told you that we should be going back home? 

Now we are…’” “Okay, alright Lalu!” said Golu, also dodging they hail, “stop sounding like my Mom. Let's go!” Golu and Lalu started running but it was too late. The heavy rain had turned all the mud on the ground into sticky, wet slush. Golu and Lalu couldn’t run as their feet got stuck in the sticky mud. 

They fell, trapped, and unable to swim.“HELP US!!” they screamed, but the sound of the rain and thunder drowned out their cries. Lalu started crying, “No one will ever find us. What do we do?!” “I am sure our parents will find us. Let's keep calling for help,”  suggested Golu though now he too was quite scared himself. They tried shouting but were now too weak and their shouts were barely heard. 

However, a bird that had taken shelter from the rain in a bush nearby heard the feeble cries of the two ants. The kind bird despite the rain and hail plucked off a big leaf and dropped it next to the drowning ants. Golu and Lalu with some difficulty climbed onto the leaf which the bird then picked up in his beak and flying over to their anthill, placed it carefully down. 

Relieved to be home, Golu and Lalu stepped off the leaf and thanked the bird for saving them. Smiling the bird said, “ It is good to be brave, not be afraid and enjoy doing thrilling things but that doesn’t mean you knowingly put yourselves in danger. That is not being brave but being foolish.”  Realizing that he had not just put himself but also his best friend in danger, Golu felt foolish and sorry but he was forgiven by a now smiling Lalu and the kind bird. 

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