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Muddy Foot Prints: Cleanliness is next to Godliness Ricky and Rhea love the raining season. And could not wait to hear the pitter-patter of raindrops. They loved making paper boats and jump in the puddle. However, they always came home drenched and dirty. The muddy footprints would be seen scattered all around the house. Mommy had a tough time mopping the house. Be careful, Rhea! Ricky, watch your step! Screamed mommy. 

The kids would play no head to their mother's commands. One day, mommy decided to play a pretend game. Who is the cleanest? She gave the kids chores to do for a week. She handed cute little mops to her kids, while Rhea had to mop the floor and the dirt. Ricky was in charge of keeping the kitchen table clean. 

If they did well, they would be rewarded with an extra piece of her delicious carrot cake. The cleaning day is going really well and the kids enjoyed moping. And scrubbing the floors. Soon it was time to eat. Ricky and Rhea could not wait to take a bite of the carrot cake. Just then, they heard momma and poppajump with joy. 

Wow, how I love the rains. Come on, kids. Let's make paper boats and jump in the puddle. Called out mommy. But I want to eat a carrot cake. Said Rhea. You can eat when you come back. Explained mommy. And so they all wore boots and stepped out to play in the puddle. They all jumped one by one. Splash, sploosh. They jumped and played along. They made paper boats and playing of a ring of roses. 

Soon, it was time to go home. Rhea and Ricky held their parents' hands and walked back home. Rhea and Ricky could not resist the fragrance of the delicious carrot cake. The kids wanted to rush, but since they had worked so hard to clean the floor, they removed their boots and wiped their feet on the floor mat. 

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Rhea and Ricky both stepped inside, they were very careful while walking and did not leave a single muddy footprint. Rhea and Ricky were very hungry and couldn't wait to take a bite off the crunchy cake. Rhea in particular looked around the clean floor and could not wait to get her prize. An extra piece of the delicious carrot cake. Just then, mommy and poppa rushed inside like two spoiled kids. They stepped inside, stomping muddy footprints all around the house. Rhea was very upset and rushed to stop her mother. 

Walking around in her dirty, murky feet. Mommy, your muddy footprints are a nuisance. Look at the floor! Mommy answered, well that's what happens when you don't clean your feet when you enter a room. You will clean it up before you start eating the cake. Am I right, Rhea and Ricky? Rhea and Ricky realized what trouble they had been to their dearest mommy.  Throughout the rainy season. Rhea and Ricky hugged their mommy and made a promise that they would surely be careful before they step inside the house with muddy feet. Come on now! Have your cake while I clean the floor. Said, mommy. And that's how Rhea and Ricky learned to never step inside a home with dirty, murky feet. 

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