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Secret of successful people - A motivating story.

Do you know how the successful person's conquered fear and embraced success? 

Do you want to get the code of the secrets of successful people? 

Welcome to motivational Impulse Today we are going to decode 7 Keys To Your Successful Future from the life of 7 great personalities of the world uncovering their unsung stories which are truly inspirational. 

So let's glimpse the nuggets of wisdom number one Colonel Sanders is well known as the icon and founder of the brand Kentucky Fried Chicken KFC would you believe that Colonel Sanders only started pitching his secret chicken recipe to restaurants at the age of 66 and with only 105 dollars from his Social Security? 

Everyone thought he was senile, but our Colonel bravely charged into the battlefield of business and prevailed. Colonel Sanders was a great example that success is not dependent on how your new start or how much money you have to begin with. 

His inspirational quote was  " I Was 66 years old. I still had to make the liv…