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Bedtime Stories for Kids | English Story For Kids

Sleeping Beauty once upon a time there lived a king and a queen who had no children. They were so sorry about having no children that I cannot tell you how sorry they were. At last, however, after many years the Queen had a daughter, there was a very fine christening for the baby princess the king and queen looked throughout the kingdom for fairies to be her godmothers and they found seven fairies.  Best Bedtime Stories for Kids Each fairy godmother was to give the princess a gift as was the custom of fairies in those days in this way the princess had all the perfections imaginable after the christening ceremony was over the whole party returned to the king's palace where there was prepared a great feast for the seven fairy godmothers there was placed before each one of them a magnificent case of gold in which was a spoon knife and fork all of pure gold set with diamonds and rubies but as everyone was sitting down at the table they saw a very old fairy whom they had not invited bec


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The Magic Pot - Story For Kids

The Magic Pot:  Once upon a time there lived a farmer in a village. He uses to go to his farm daily and do his farming activities One day he was digging the farm to prepare it for sowing the seeds for the coming monsoon All of a sudden he found a big Pot on the farm. He took the pot out and he wondered what that pot will be useful for So he just kept that pot aside and started his usual activities again During lunchtime, he just kept his spade in that pot while he was eating When the farmer finished his lunch He saw to his surprise that his spade was multiplied to 100 spades in that pot. He was really really surprised He thought to himself Oh! I did not bring 100 spades I just brought only 1 spade How come 1 spade become 100 spades I don't understand Than he thought this must be something to do with the pot So he took away those 100 spades and took up a stone from nearby and put that stone in that pot and then when he looked inside the pot instead of that single stone there were 10

The Banana Thief | Good story for kids

King Shamsher & Witty Harry: The Real “ Banana”  Thief King Shamsher and his team of ministers mainly Pasha and Clever Harry was enjoying a game of chess. Just then, a distressed Minku Monkeyentered the Jungle Wood palace.  “ahhaaa.. The Banana Thief What brings you to King Shamsher’s palace on Sunday Morning, Minku Monkey”, commanded Pasha.  Clever Harry noticed how nervous Minku Monkey was and questioned “Is everything okay, Minku Monkey?”.  “King Shamsher, as you know I store bananas for winters at my home in a safe dungeon. But when I got up today in the morning, I noticed that all my bananas have disappeared! Please help me, King Shamsher, Please bring me justice orI'll die hungry this winter! ”, shivered Minku Monkey  “Don’t Worry Minku Monkey.  We will do all we can. Pasha and Harry are here at your service”, assured King Shamsher. “Can you tell us if you were out last night or did anybody visit you in the morning”, enquired Clever Harry “I had a party and there were so

Twinkle Learns to be a Real Winner | Twinkle & Ricky

Always be a Good Sport: One-day  Twinkle and Ricky decided to have a running competition in the garden.  The fastest runner amongst the two would get an extra share of cookies!  The Story of Twinkle  & Ricky   Ricky was as swift as a rabbit and took quick steps. Twinkle ran fast as well but lost her balance at a turn and fell down. Ricky passed her swiftly, screaming “Come to onTwinkle! Catch up!” Ricky giggled. Twinkle stood up again, stretched her leg a few times, and started running again. Ricky won the running competition. Ricky jumped with joy “Yay! I Won! “. Twinkle felt sad, demotivated but then quickly cheered up and congratulated her brother “Congratulations Ricky” The next day Twinkle and Ricky decided to have another competition. This time, they decided to play a game of table tennis. Ricky and Twinkle were both swift and quick.  The game was getting intense. Irritated, Ricky threw a really fast and hard shot. The ball hit Twinkle on her head and she fell down. However,

Rinkal Makes Ice Cream | Moral Stories for Kids | Short story

Rinkal Makes Ice Cream It’s a holiday but Rinkal doesn’t look happy. She pouts staring out the window, saying,“It is too hot to play.”  Rinkal’s mother sees Rinkal looking bored and asks,“Would you like to help me out in the kitchen, dear?” “Oh no, Mother, it would be even hotterin there”, wails Rinkal.                                                                                  “Well, how about we make some ice-cream,”says Rinkal’s mother. “Hurray! I love ice-cream!” Rinkal runs after her mother into the kitchen. Rinkal’s mother takes out some strawberrycrush and Rinkal gets the milk jug and cream. “Please let me mix it all, Mother,”asks Rinkal and her mother agrees. Climbing onto a stool, Rinkal stands readywith a spoon as her mother puts everything in a bowl.  “Be careful, Rinkal,” says her mother. Rinkal swirls the mix in the bowl,but just can’t stop from leaning in to sniff the yummy smell of strawberries and cream...but WHOOOPS! She leans too far and lands in the bowl.PLOP fl

The Story of Big Bro | Moral Stories for Kids | Bedtime story

Big Bro Has a Problem:  It was springtime and the sweet fragrance of wild roses and white lilies was everywhere. It was the season of plenty and animals throughout the forest of Toonban scurried collecting the choicest of fruits, berries, and delicious roots stocking up their larders for the rest of the year.  Bedtime story There was so much food that the animals decided to have a great big fruit festival. Aunty Pig offered to bake Banana bread; Husna Hippo and Big Bro arranged for a grape-crushing game room at the jungle play yard. Big Bro was also very excited because he was expecting the arrival of his distant cousin Bhompu. “I will be seeing Bhompu after so many years.”“Were you two very good friends?” asked Husna. “Er…not quite, but that was when we were just calves. Now that we are all grown up, I bet things will be very different.” Husna smiled hoping the same becauseBig Bro was one of her best friends and she always wished good for him. By afternoon, all was done and the animal

Honesty Is The Best Policy | Best Moral Stories for Kids

It was a bright and breezy Wednesday afternoon. Dora and Vicky were busy completing their daily homework. but oooo how Vicky wished to go out and just play all day long! He would go swishing down the slide and roll in the lush green lawns... Vicky could not wait to finish his homework and step out for some fresh air. But then, he looked at his book and realized he still had two whole pages to write.  The Story of Dora and Vicky The pages seemed longer than his big ears. Dora stared at Vicky, who was already daydreaming. She nudged him pointing towards his book and told him to be quick! However, Vicky was too lazy to finish his homework.  Just then, he had an idea! He decided to simply hide his book and go out and play. He would finish his homework later in the night! Mom, can I go out and play? Have you completed your homework? asked Vicky's mother. "Yes Mommy", Vicky lied, feeling a nervous twitch in his stomach. Vicky's mother instantly knew that Vicky was not being